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Revive Adserver Hosted edition

Revive Adserver is the best available, open source, ad serving system you can download.


And now we’ve created a Hosted Edition.

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Revive Adserver Hosted edition


Since 2013, the team behind the Revive Adserver software has been working hard to make it the best available, open source, ad serving system.

Anyone can download it, and run it on their own server, or get a hosting company involved to put it on theirs.

However, not everybody has the time, the skills, or the resources, to do that.

That’s why we’ve created this Hosted Edition.

Revive Adserver Hosted edition

Software as a Service

In 2013, we took what was already the world’s most popular, free, open source, ad server software, to bring it forward into the future. We called it Revive Adserver. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and excited about the future of the project.

We’ve heard from many people around the world how the Revive Adserver software enables them to display ads on their sites, in their apps, and on their video content. At at time when it seems that ad tech is more and more dominated by huge players, we feel it is important that there is an independent, open source, and free, alternative. That doesn’t mean Revive Adserver is just for small operations. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen sites running our software to display billions of ads per month.

Revive Adserver has always been software that anyone can download, free of charge, in order to put it on their own server. Or to get a hosting company to put it on theirs. However, we’ve also heard time and time again, from people eager to use Revive Adserver, yet unable to install and run it themselves. There could be several reasons: lack of time, lack of skills, and so on.

That’s why we’ve decided to start offering a Hosted edition. Through a partnership with a highly specialised service provider, we are able to operate a low cost, high performance hosting platform.

Users of the Revive Adserver Hosted edition benefit from rock solid stability, lightning fast ad serving, yet at very reasonable rates.

The ad serving rate is $0.01 CPM, meaning it costs just 1 cent to handle 1,000 ad requests. Plans start at $10 per month, for up to 1 million ad requests per month.

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Why is it not free?

Revive Adserver Hosted edition


Revive Adserver is an open source project, with the goal of developing and maintaining the world’s most popular, free, ad serving system. Anyone can download it, free of charge, and without paying any license fees or other costs, and run it on their own server(s). Obviously, those servers are not free in most cases.

This Hosted edition is not free either. We developed it to enable people and companies to benefit from our software, even if they don’t have the skills, time, or resources to host their own installation.

We can offer the Hosted edition at a very price low level, because we don’t have to license any expensive software elsewhere. Also, we expect to benefit from significant economies of scale, which we can pass on to the users. 

The revenues from this Hosted edition will be used primarily to pay for the servers and services needed to operate it. Any remaining revenues will be used for the continuing development of the software, which will be for the benefit of the customers of the Hosted edition, and also for anyone running the Download edition.

Company Details

Revive Adserver Hosted edition


Revive Adserver Hosted Edition is a service operated by:

Revive Software and Services BV
Jonkersvaart 36
9366 TC  Jonkersvaart
The Netherlands

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