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Review your Statistics
Requests, Impressions

Clicks, Conversions

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Review your Statistics

Requests, Impressions, Clicks, Conversions


When a visitor opens a page, a request gets counted for every zone.

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Every zone on the page is a small snippet of javascript code. The browser receives that code and executes it.

As a result, the browser sends a request to the ad server, asking for a banner ad that should be displayed in that zone.

These requests are counted by the ad server.


Each banner that gets displayed on the page is counted.

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The browser receives the HTML code of the ad that was selected when it sent a request to the ad server.

The HTML code of the ad has a tiny, invisible measurement pixel attached to it. When that measurement pixel is ‘displayed’ by the browser, the ad server counts an impression.


When a visitor clicks on a banner they see on the page, that click is counted.

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When a banner is displayed on the page in the browser, a visitor can click it with their mouse or tap it on a touch display.

The link on the banner will connect to the ad server, so that the click is counted.

The ad server will then immediately redirect the visitor to the landing page that was defined with the banner.


A conversion can be a sale, sign up, lead. They’re all counted.

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On the landing page, or the pages in the funnel following it, the visitor can purchase a product or services, fill out a form to request or a phone call, or sign up for a service, or a mailing list.

These types of follow up events are called conversions, and they can be counted by means of a conversion tracking pixel, embedded on the final page of the conversion funnel, and powered by the ad server.

Statistics are stored for every combination of a banner and a zone.

This is the default behavior of the Revive Adserver software.

The statistics of the most recent 100 days are stored by hour.

For statistics older than 100 days, the data is aggregated and stored by day. This is a custom development specifically for the Hosted edition.

These aggregated daily numbers will be stored indefinitely.

When a subscriber cancels their subscription, their account will be terminated, and ultimately deleted.

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