Revive Adserver Hosted edition

Speed and Reliability
  • Optimized for Performance
  • Redundancy for Reliability
  • GeoDNS
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Enjoy Speed & Reliability

Performance, Stability, GeoDNS

Optimized for Performance

Servers and Networking Tuned to Perfection for Ad Serving.

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Designed by experts with more than a decade of experience in running enterprise grade ad serving installations, the hardware platform and software configuration are optimized for the fastest possible ad delivery speed.

Redundancy for Stability

Dozens of Servers, Grouped in Clusters, in multiple Data Centers.

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Every component of the hosting infrastructure has backups, to remove every single point of failure.

Infrastructure monitored 24/7 and present in multiple data centers.


Visitors always connect to a Data Center Location closest to them.

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Using geolocation technology, each visitor will be connected to an ad serving point of presence the data center location physically closest to them.

This ensures lightning fast turn around times of ad requests.

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