Subscription Guide

for Revive Adserver Hosted edition

Articles explaining how to subscribe, manage an existing subscription, update payment methods, and how to cancel a subscription. It also explains other aspects of your subscription, like renewals, payment for overage use, and switching to different pricing levels.

How to Subscribe

This article describes the two steps it takes to set up a new subscription for an account at Revive Adserver Hosted edition.

How to Cancel

This article describes how to cancel your subscription with Revive Adserver Hosted edition, and what will happen next.

How Renewals Work

This article explains how the monthly renewal proces works, including what happens when a renewal payment fails.

Paying for Overage Use

This article explains how we calculate the cost of overage use, and how this is charged to the subscriber.

Pricing Plan Switches

This article explains how subscriptions can be switched to a higher or lower pricing plan depending on the volume of ad requests in recent months.

How to enter a new card

This article explains how to enter a new credit or debit card as your payment method at Revive Adserver Hosted edition, and how to apply to your subscription.