How Renewals Work

for Revive Adserver Hosted edition

This page explains how the monthly renewal proces works, including what happens when a renewal payment can not be completed.

Initial subscription order

When a new subscriber joins, they pay a prorated amount for the remaining number of days in the current month.

For example, when somebody joins on September 16 for the Lite pricing plan, they will pay for the 15 remaining days of a 30 day month at $10 for a full month, so that comes down to 15/30 or ½ of $10 = $5.

Monthly renewal orders

Then, on the first calendar day of the next month, a renewal payment for the full amount of the selected pricing plan is charged.

So to follow the example on this page, this subscriber will be charged $10 for the Lite plan for October.

Their next renewal is due on November 1st, then December 1st, and so on.

How we handle failing renewal payments

It happens from time to time that a renewal payment fails initially. This can have several reasons. For example, the card that was used when creating the subscription has expired, or the card is over its spending limit. Typically, about 5% or all renewal payments fail on the first attempt. This is a common percentage across many industries that work with monthly renewals.

Multiple attempts to renew

Our system for processing renewal payments doesn’t give up right away, it will retry to collect the payment 12 hours later, another 12 hours later, 24 hours later, 48 hours later, and finally 72 hours later. So in total, there can be up to 6 attempts to collect the payment over a period of 7 days.

With the second and the fourth attempt, it also sends an email to the subscriber alerting them of the problem with their card, and urging them to manually complete the payment, perhaps even using a new or different card.

Failed Renewal Payments

If the renewal payment fails and then the next 3 attempts also fail, a very clear warning will be sent to the subscriber by email.

This message will explain that if the payment is not completed by the 4th day, the ad server account will be suspended immediately and without an additional warning. It will be restored following a successful payment.

If the payment is not yet completed by the 7th day, we may end up cancelling the subscription entirely and deleting the ad server account.

The policies described on this page have taken effect on October 1st, 2023, as per the announcement in a blog post publised in September 2023.