Revive Adserver Hosted edition runs the world's most popular, open source, ad serving system, through a Software as a Service Platform.

Hosted edition 3 months since launch

7 Mar 2019 | News

Exactly 3 months ago, on December 7, 2018, the first subscriber opened an account on the Revive Adserver Hosted edition. Since that date, we’ve seen a very nice uptake, and today we’re close to welcoming the 100th subscriber.

Lite subscribers

As expected, the majority of subscribers select the Lite pricing plan, which costs just $10 per month and enables them to process up to 1 million ad requests per month. We also expected that some subscribers join, pay their first $10, have a good look around, and then cancel before the first renewal date. After all, spending just $10 to be able to fully evaluate a properly configured installation of the Revive Adserver is a great opportunity, for example in preparation to switching to a self-hosted instance of the Download edition. One of the reasons we created the Hosted edition is because we wanted to make it more convenient for people to use our Revive Adserver software (Download or Hosted edition), and one way of doing that is by facilitating a simple and inexpensive evaluation process.

Plus and Premium subscribers

There are also a number of subscribers who selected the Plus or Premium pricing plans, costing $20 and $50 per month respectively, and enabling up to 2 million or even 5 million ad requests per month.

As a matter of fact, a few subscribers who initially joined with the Lite plan have subsequently switched to a larger plan. We’re pleased to see that they were happy enough with the software, and with the hosting service, that they decided to increase their activity on the Hosted edition significantly.

Ultimate subscribers

We have a number of subscribers who selected the Ultimate pricing plan, which costs $150 per month and provides for up to 15 million ad requests per month. We’re very grateful for the confidence these subscribers have in our service and we’re pleased to see their monthly activity is actually increasing gradually.

New Elite plan upcoming

This also means that soon, the Ultimate plan will become too small for some of our subscribers. Once that happens, we will be introducing an even larger plan, called Elite. Pricing for that is still be be decided, but one of the advantage will be that it comes with a lower CPM rate than the other plans. Another advantage is that Elite subscribers will be able to communicate directly with the Revive Adserver team, both for technical support and for discussing their experience with the software and their expectations and requirements for future development.

The Elite plan will initially not be presented on the website, we will proactively contact any subscriber who is eligible for it because of their current level of activity.

DashiX - Dashboard plugin - free for all subscribers!

All subscribers, regardless of the pricing plan they select, benefit from having access to the DashiX Dashboard plugin for Revive Adserver. This is a third-party plugin that was developed by one of our partners, giving users a birds-eye view of their account and the progress of their campaigns. Purchasing a license of the DashiX plugin normally costs $149, so this is a great deal.

For everyone with a self-hosted installation of the Download edition, the Dashboard plugin is a very useful enhancement, and we recommend checking it out.

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