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New Super pricing plan

19 Feb 2020 | Featured, Pricing

Revive Adserver Hosted edition continues to grow, and with that growth comes a much larger diversity in business sizes. As a result, we’ve just introduced a new Super pricing plan, which fits nicely between the existing Premium and Ultimate plans.

It is very rewarding to see that businesses of all sizes are making good use of the Revive Adserver Hosted edition. As a matter of fact, the number of subscribers that are on one of the bigger pricing plans is much higher than we had anticipated when we launched the service.

We noticed that for many subscribers, the Premium plan – which costs $50 per month and allows for up to 5 million ad requests per month – is no longer sufficient.

At the same time, the Ultimate plan – costing $150 per month and good for up to 15 million ad requests per month – was a step too far.

As a result, we have created a new Super plan that fits right between Premium and Ultimate.

The new Super plan costs $100 per month, and allows for up to 10 million ad requests per month.

We had a soft launch of Super a couple of days ago, and were pleasantly surprised when a few new subscribers joined at that level right away.

Meanwhile, several existing subscribers that were showing steady growth have just switched from Premium to Super. So it seems that the new Super plan was introduced at the right time.

Existing Premium subscribers who are outgrowing their allowed monthly activity level for that plan will receive an email prompting them to switch to the Super pricing plan. Of course, any new subscriber can also pick the Super plan right from the start.

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