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Campaign Compass for Ultimate subscribers

10 Dec 2019 | Benefits, News

When you subscribe with the Revive Adserver Hosted edition at the Ultimate pricing plan, you get a free Campaign Compass account. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Campaign Compass.

Campaign Compass is a responsive web application that displays the statistics of your Revive Adserver campaigns in an easy to use and intuitive way. It works equally well on phones, tables, laptops and desktop computers.
After logging in, the main screen shows some quick statistics, like the number of advertisers, campaigns, banners, websites, and zones. It also shows the number of active campaigns, impressions and clicks, in the last 7 days.
Next, select the advertiser you want to look at, and optionally a specific campaign. Then, click the button to open the detailed statistics.
For the selected advertiser, or campaign, the system will now display a screen with either a table or a chart, giving you an immediate high level view of the results.
With this chart on the screen, the application enables you to drill down even further, from the advertiser to the campaign level, and even to the banner level, or to filter for the results of a site or even just one specific zone.
You can also select a different date range, with a few predefined options like last 7 days or last 28 days, or your own custom date range.

Data can also be exported to an Excel file for additional analysis in your favorite spreadsheet program.

New subscribers who select the Ultimate pricing plan, or existing subscribers who switch to the Ultimate pricing plan, will automatically be invited for Campaign Compass. They will receive an email with all the details on how to log in.

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