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Reports are faster now

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Featured, News

Growing service caused reporting slowness

Since launching the Revive Adserver Hosted Edition in 2018, we’ve experienced steady growth, leading to an enormous amount of data and statistics. As our user base continues to expand, retrieving campaign and site statistics often takes longer then desired, especially on Mondays and at the start of a new month when many users log in simultaneously to run their reports.

When reports take longer than a few seconds, users sometimes hit the Refresh button repeatedly, causing multiple database queries to slow down the system even more. This not only frustrated users but also affected other processes like the hourly statistics update, making the entire system slower.

Improving Reports Performance

This month, we started a two-step process to improve the reporting experience. We’ve completed the first step by optimizing the code responsible for generating database queries. Some outdated elements in these queries were slowing things down, and these have now been removed.

After optimizing the code, we tested the results to ensure accuracy and speed. We’ve seen improvements in reporting speed up to 100x.

With reports now generating much faster, users are less likely to repeatedly hit the Refresh button out of frustration.

Next Steps

The second step focuses on enhancing the performance of the database cluster. We are redesigning and redeveloping our database platform to ensure it is both reliable and fast, thanks to advances in Linux, PHP, and database technologies.

For now, we hope Revive Adserver Hosted Edition subscribers will enjoy the improved performance of the optimized reporting queries.