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Hosted edition updated to version 4.2

2 May 2019 | Featured, News, Release Notes

One of the advantages of using the Revive Adserver Hosted edition, is never having to worry about software upgrades.

Revive Adserver v4.2

On April 23, 2019, a new version v4.2 of the Revive Adserver software was released for download. This new version contains several enhancements and improvements.

Following this release of the Download edition, and after some careful preparations, the Hosted edition has been upgraded to the new version this week.

Here are the most important improvements included in Revive Adserver v4.2:

  • We’ve updated the definition of “active” Advertisers and Campaigns, to also include Advertisers and Campaigns which will become active in the future (i.e. in the “Awaiting” state), to help with their management.
  • The Zone Probability screen now includes a link to the parent campaign for each banner.
  • We replaced the old “weight” measure on the Zone Probability screen with the actual Campaign and Banner weights, to improve clarity around probabilities of banner display in a zone.

There are also a number of small bug fixes and minor improvements.

Security fixes

The new version 4.2 of the Revive Adserver software also contains fixes for two security issues that were recently discovered. This week’s software upgrade ensures that the Hosted edition continues to be safe to use.

The team operating this Hosted edition is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the code of the Download edition. As such, we knew well in advanced about the upcoming security fixes. We took appropriate measures to make sure that malicious actors could not access these features. And now with the new v4.2 in place, the affected features have been removed entirely.

We have a monitoring application that checks the entire system continuously, and would report any suspicious activity to our team immediately. We haven’t had a single notification. Therefore, we are 100% confident that our users have never been at risk from the aforementioned security issues.

If you’re want to learn more about how we handle security issues in the software, please consider visiting our dedicated page about Revive Adserver & Security over at the website for the Download edition.

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