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Hosted edition updated to version 5.1

20 Jan 2021 | Featured, News, Release Notes

Version 5.1 of the Revive Adserver software has several enhancements for our subscribers. This post explains the changes and improvements.


We updated the Revive Adserver Hosted edition to the most recent software version 5.1. In this blog post, you can read about the changes and enhancements that are most important to you as a subscriber to this service.

Improved Password Recovery Emails

We have reworded the email message that is sent to users when they request a password reset. These emails were not very informative in the past, so they sometimes caused confusion.

The new text looks similar to this example:

Dear recipient,

You, or someone pretending to be you, recently requested that your Revive Adserver password be reset.

If this request was made by you, then you can reset the password for your username ‘{username}’ by clicking on the following link:

<link appears here>

If you submitted the password reset request by mistake, or if you didn’t make a request at all, simply ignore this email. No changes have been made to your password and the password reset link will expire automatically.

If you continue to receive these password reset mails, then it may indicate that someone is attempting to gain access to your username. Make sure to always use a safe and random password, do not reuse passwords between multiple systems, and consider changing your password at regular intervals.

Suspending accounts

Every now and then, monthly renewal payments for subscriptions fail, for example when a credit card that was used before has expired. Our system sends out email notifications to subscribers who need to update their payment method, and will attempt to process the renewal payment for up to a week. If the payment still doesn’t complete successfully after trying for 7 days, we now have the ability to suspend the account. Instead of ads, the ad server will output a message indicating that the ad server account has been suspended. If the subscription still can’t be renewed, we will cancel it after a few more days and terminate the ad server account.

Deactivating accounts

When a subscriber of the Revive Adserver Hosted edition cancels their subscription, the service expires at the end of the month. Frequently, we notice that subscribers who have cancelled, forget to remove the ad server tags from their websites. For such cases, we now have the ability to set an account to inactive. The system will no longer display ads but instead it will show a message that the ad server account has been terminated.

Non-existent zone IDs

When a subscriber to Revive Adserver Hosted edition uses an ad server code on their site for a zone ID that does not exist, or that no longer exists after they’ve cancelled, our system will output a message to indicate that the ad request is invalid because the zone ID does not exist.

Inventory items can no longer be deleted

Through feedback from users and subscribers at Revive Adserver Hosted edition, we learned that it was too easy to accidentally delete items, and users weren’t always aware that this also deleted any and all statistics associated with that item.

For example, if a user deletes a zone, this deletes the statistics of the zone, and as a result also the statistics of all banners ever delivered through that zone. Since banner statistics sum into campaign statistics, this would have the unwanted effect of incomplete data for campaigns, which are often the basis for invoicing to customers (advertisers). It could also have the unexpected effect of re-activating campaigns that had previously expired when they reached their defined impression target.

In addition, since the statistics in a Revive Adserver Hosted edition are the basis for the invoicing, removing items and thus their statistics, means that the costs for the account are no longer accurate. We have observed several cases of subscribers gaming the costs by running (large) campaigns, and then deleting them just before the end of the month to avoid detection.

For all of these reasons, we’ve removed the ability to delete inventory items like campaigns, banners, or zones.

Flash removed

In late December 2020, Adobe formally stopped providing support for their Flash software. The Revive Adserver software still contained a few features related to Flash, including the ability to upload Flash banners. This was despite the fact that modern browsers stopped supporting Flash a long time ago.

Now that Flash is effectively gone, we’ve removed the ability to upload Flash banners, and any existing Flash banners still present in your inventory will no longer work either.

Change for geotargeting in South Africa

There has been a change in the ISO standard coding for two geographic subdivisions in South Africa. The code for ZA-GT was changed to ZA-GP, and ZA-NL was changed to ZA-KZN. In Revive Adserver v5.1 we’ve implemented this change as well. Any banners that use the codes that have been phased out will have to be changed manually to use the new codes. These banners will simply not be eligible for delivery until this change has been made.

Bug and security fixes

In addition to the enhancements and changes described, version 5.1 also contains fixes for several small bugs and a number of low risk security issues. The most important fix is that it is no longer possible to abuse the system to perform an “open redirect”.

Always up to date

As a subscriber at Revive Adserver Hosted edition, you can rest assured that you’re always running the most recent version of the software. You won’t have to do anything, the software is always updated by our time.

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