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Hosted edition updated to version 5.2

7 Apr 2021 | News, Release Notes

Version 5.2 of the Revive Adserver software has several enhancements for our subscribers. This post explains the changes and improvements.


We updated the Revive Adserver Hosted edition to the most recent software version 5.2.

This newest release of the Revive Adserver software improves the click tracking functionality, and fixes several bugs and 2 low risk security issues.

In this blog post, you can read about the changes and enhancements that are most important to you as a subscriber to this service.

Improvements and enhancements

The highlights for the new version include:

  • Protocol relative URLs (e.g. “//”) are now recognized as valid destinations when altering HTML banners to add click tracking.
  • Optional custom destinations in HTML banners using the “{clickurl}” macro, and dynamically appending a URL-encoded destination, are now allowed.
  • A new click URL validity setting specifies the number of seconds a generated click URL will be accepted and will redirect to the specified destination parameter. We have decided to set the validity window to 10 minutes.
  • The “ct0” parameter has been reworked and reintroduced. Revive Adserver tags can now be modified so that they can be placed into third party ad servers and have both ad servers track ad clicks.
  • In addition, several bugs plus 2 low risk security issues have been fixed.

Detailed information about this release can be found on the blog post published by the Revive Adserver project.

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As a subscriber at Revive Adserver Hosted edition, you can rest assured that you’re always running the most recent version of the software. You won’t have to do anything, the software is always updated by our time.

If you would like to enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of the Revive Adserver Hosted edition, like so many others, then we recommend having a look at our pricing plans. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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